Songs From The Shows- PRS Help

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Songs From The Shows- PRS Help

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Currently producing a "Songs From The Shows" touring concert and i'm trying to not make the PRS issues such a nightmare - cant find any help on website so thought i'd ask you guys!

The venue we are performing at already have a blanket PRS license, so i'm at a loss after that point as to what im supposed to do after that!?? I have a list which i plan to give the venue when we arrive with a complete song list and music/lyrics etc... but just wondered if you guys could help clear up what im supposed to do.

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There are two separate licences required. The venue needs a licence to provide music to the public, and your production needs a licence to perform the songs. Whilst the venue licence will be a blanket one, your licence(s) should be specific to the actual numbers you perform within the show. PRSforMusic do not actually deal in the licences for performing the music in a dramatic setting (as opposed to incidental music) but they will facilitate arranging permission from the relevent music publishers or rights holders. See here for details.
If you get any problems with trying to do this through PRSforMusic, you can contact the Music Publishers Association for advice.
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